Mother of the Year Letterpress Notepad

Moty Notepad


Approximately 75 tear-off sheets perfect for making lists or jotting special notes. Printed in the USA. (5.5 inches x 4.25 inches).



  1. out of 5

    hi pal,i could hardly firuge out your instuctions on how to put back ground image on the USB. . . i just want to enjoy the thing others enjoyed. . .i have tried copying all the code in this format and posted it on notepad and saved it as desktop.ini. . i also selected an image and saved it as back.jpg and made the necessary settings. . . such as saving as hidden on the properties. . . but it doesn’t work. . .[{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}]iconarea_image=“back.jpg”iconarea_text=”0xFFFFFF”i am a little bit confused on what double qoutes is??? oh sorry but i’m not familiar with it. . . is it the or the [{ mark???? hoping to hear from you. . . thanks. . . u cud e-mail me at . . . if it wont take much of your time. . . thanks again. . .

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