Mother of the Year Letterpress Notecard

MOTY Cards


Letterpress Notecard with coordinating hot pink envelope. (5.5 inches x 4.25 inches).


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    Hi Kelly! Well, I’m not much for troubleshooting, and every coumtper and site is different so that’s a tricky one to answer. But in general, you usually click on the link, and it will download it to your desktop. Then you can install it into your fontbook, or whatever you have on your coumtper to manage your fonts. I hope that helps?? ;} Sorry I can’t really be of more assistance, but in general, just clicking on that link should get you started!

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    I’m trying to come up with ideas for my small eenloscd porch. The A frame shelf, one of park hill lanterns and wooden caddies I think would be a perfect start to my little quiet space. I really need to sit down and get started before summer is over.

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