Me_use Today we’re on everyone’s favorite subject: “Me, Myself & I.”  Unfortunately, thanks to the breakneck pace of fall, it’s a subject that gets precious little attention.  When Labor Day weekend draws to a close, it feels like the speed on the treadmill gradually gets turned up, until we’re in an all out sprint…dashing toward the finish line of the holidays and year end.  Particularly for the avid hostess — shopping, organizing, planning, cooking, cleaning and DOING for others all seem to take priority.  In the end, poor Cinderella struggles to make it to the ball.


But “My Life in Parties” believes in fairy tale endings, so consider this your Fairy Godmother’s gentle reminder to celebrate yourself and whatever it is that YOU like to do.

To be clear, I am not advocating something as bold as storming Bergies and burning up the plastic (although I am open to the possibility that this ritual indeed has therapeutic merit).  Instead, consider some of these stolen moments and individual adventures to help you restore and recharge:

First, channel your inner student and sign up for that enrichment or how-to class that you’ve always wanted to take.  With the chill in the air I have been chomping at the bit to decorate for the change of season and have my eye on Terrain’s “Curb Appeal: Mailboxes and Lampposts” class (I know, I know a real barn burner!).


The beautiful weather and turning leaves are also a great reason to get outdoors for a long, brisk, mind-clearing walk in a favorite neighborhood or park.


Make yourself a new playlist to accompany you.  Load it up with all of the divas:  Celine, Whitney…


Throw on some Indigo Girls for good measure.  Whatever you like.  It’s just for you.


Try out that new recipe that caught your eye.  So what if other family members are not wooed by herbed goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes?  There’s cereal in the pantry.  No one will starve.


Indulge in adding your monogram to a few precious possessions to make your own personal style statement.


Leontine Linens

Hole up in your favorite coffee shop or corner of the house with the stack of magazines or favorite book that keeps calling your name.  For my part, I’m loving this month’s issue of Elle Decor.


Better yet, hole up in your office to catch up on old fashioned correspondence, list making and general inventory taking.


Make a photo album (and seriously actually do it this time!)…


Rag & Bone Bindery

Willingly submit to a fall makeover at the Chanel make-up counter (preferably before a night out!).  They always have the best new lipstick and eyeshadow colors.


Limited Edition Rouge Coco Shine in “Instinct”

Load up on Fresh’s Sake Bath – the most decadent Bath Elixir ever! – and then find time to use it.





Call an old friend.


Room by Miles Redd

Raid the Container Store and then revamp your closet.


Room by Steven Gambrel

Take a trip to the big city all by yourself and savor your own version of it.


No one else will know that your lunch consisted of a latte & Ladurée macaroons and that you paid to get into the Met for the sole purpose of perusing the gift shop.


Steal away for an afternoon nap…or turn over the reigns and turn off the phone so you can actually hit the hay at a decent hour.


D. Porthault

Indulge in a power breakfast at one of your favorite restaurants.


Eat, skim the headlines and get organized for the day ahead and beyond.  Use the quiet, uninterrupted time to plan the party that’s been on your mind…


Carolyne Roehm

Plot the vacation that you’ve been dreaming of taking…

Mauna Kea Beach

The MKB Hotel

Or sketch out the Table of Contents for the book that you’d love to write.

Carolyne Roehm  Passion for Blue and white

Carolyne Roehm

It’s amazing how deeply you can relax and dream and think when your time is truly your own.  So dare to sip, spin, bake, pin, post, blog, calculate, curate, meditate, ruminate, learn, lounge…and on and on.  Just whatever it is, make sure it is exactly what YOU want to do.  And do it before your coach turns into a pumpkin!




Images:  CT, Disney, Stock Images, Elle Decor, Tumblr, Giada De Laurentiis, Ladurée, Balthazar.