I hope that I’m tucked safely in a nest in the tree of trust, because today I am confessing to a guilty pleasure:  I am a sucker for…(wait for it!)…NEEDLEPOINT.  Namely, I find pithy sayings rendered in this staid art form and then splashed on granny chic throw pillows to be an absolute stitch.  To be clear, I’m not saying that I love all throw pillows emblazoned with pretty platitudes, but I do appreciate the ones that walk the fine line between tasteful and tacky — spicy and sweet.  I love the personality and whimsy that they lend to otherwise buttoned up surrounds.  I know I can’t be entirely alone in this affection because quilted quips have become home accessory king, Jonathan Adler’s, bread and butter:


I am partial to Adler’s zodiac throw pillows and love how designer Annsley McAleer used one to personalize her daughter’s nursery.


As they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery and Tory Burch has also turned to needle and thread, debuting a cool mule throw pillow…

Tory Needlepoint Pillows


and this cute take on “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”


Old guard designer Mario Buatta – dubbed “The Prince of Chintz” – has long used needlepoint throw pillows in his designs and this canine inspired sitting room he imagined for the Kips Bay Showhouse last year provides one of the latest examples (On pillow: Missing: Fisherman – Husband and Dog.  Reward for Dog).


Speaking of dogs…It’s just as well that I’m not a dog owner as of yet or I would hoard handiwork like this:


As it is, I have several seasonal needlepoint pillows in the rotation.  In my “Christmas collection” is this old gem from Neiman’s (Horchow and Neiman’s are great bets for this genre of decor!)


I am also a proud owner of this piece that has been stitched but hasn’t been sewn into a pillow as of yet.  Once it becomes a pillow it will surely grace my sofa in the lead up to Halloween.


And, I can’t fully explain why I was drawn to it, but this pattern caught my eye at Flea in Rowayton and my Mom was kind enough to do the stitching for me.  Presently it’s framed and propped up on my desk.  If you’re into naughty needlepoint you can check out the pattern maker (Subversive Cross Stitch)  but I must warn you – gentle reader – that many of their offerings make me either blush or cringe.


On a kinder and gentler note, I came across some sweet pillows as I was pulling together a few pictures for this post.  I could imagine this little number lying around in a welcoming Southern sunroom:


And this one tossed casually on the bay window seat of a cozy vacation home…perhaps in my beloved Saint Helena?

But I will leave you with my personal favorite — which my husband has banished to my closet with a dramatic eye roll and the label of “OBNOXIOUS!”


Jeez Louise.  Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor around here?



Images: J Adler, Cote de Texas, Annsley Interiors, Pinterest, NYT, CT.

For your stitch fix:  In Greenwich and surrounds, visit The Village Ewe in Old Greenwich.  For unique pillows, be sure to check out Tiger Lily’s — where you can choose from one of their Prêt-à-Porter offerings OR you can choose a favorite fabric and name or sentiment to have embroidered on it.  Love this as a baby gift with baby’s name or initials and a special fabric from the nursery.