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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and my dining room table (AKA “my studio”) is playing host to a mountain of pink and red sizzle shred, countless sheets of rhinestone adhesives, heart shaped cutouts, doilies galore and at least 20 spools of seasonal ribbon.  I am in heaven! The possibilities are endless.  The first order of business is pulling together Valentines for my children’s friends.  My daughter is five and here’s what we came up with: Heart shaped sunglasses from the Gap for the girls:


L. Ricciardi

Wrapped in plastic bags filled with sizzle shred and a note saying: “Valentine, I only have EYES for you!”

Charlie tag

L. Ricciardi

And…aviators for the boys. boy's sunglasses

For her ballet loving friends we also tied up a few of these sweet little slippers from Target with a thick piece of lace ribbon:

ballet slippers

L. Ricciardi

For my three year old son’s buddies we decided that nothing screams: “LOVE YOU, MAN!” quite like a mini John Deere digger.  I found these on Amazon.

John Deere digger

L. Ricciardi

Last year, we divvied up a box of Fisher Price “wheelies” (pink and purple for the girls!) and wrapped those up individually with a sweet note.  He’s such a thoughtful little guy!


Colleen at J. Papers whipped up all of the fun gift enclosures for me. Drive_Wildd Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where being cheesy is part of the objective, so the wordplay continues:  for the older kids, maybe small denomination “itunes” gift cards with a “Valentine, you rock!” note attached and I “WHEELY LOVE” these little red and white motorcycles by Hape Bamboo for the younger set. Mini_Motorcylce Last but not least, what little boy or girl wouldn’t be smitten with this hot little number from Land of Nod?  Now that’s what I would call a pick-up line! truck

As for your own special little Valentine’s…how about a new nightgown or pair of PJ’s sprinkled with hearts for your little girl?  Esme is always a hit: ESME Or this fun pink bag from J.Crew would be the perfect tote for her books, snacks and art supplies on the spring vacation that cannot come soon enough.  Plus, maybe there’s a chance that she’ll let you borrow it?


For your little guy…how about a new truck piled high with sweets, treats and action figures?  Anything rough and tough would fit the bill but this sophisticated number by Harry Allen is a real beauty. Harry_Allen   For the “Fresh Prince”…how about a pair of charcoal and red Van’s?  Check.


For friends, neighbors and teachers the possibilities are endless…like these lovely little limoges that are just $12.50 at Two’s Company.


L. Ricciardi

They even open to reveal a sweet message:


L. Ricciardi

I LOVE these heart bandanas from Madewell and added a fun flower clip to spice up the presentation.  The ladies are definitely the target audience for this gift but me thinks a dapper gent could pull this off as a pocket square (minus the flower, of course!).


At Madewell there are the ever popular “Happy Socks” in Valentine colors and at Anthropologie there are beautiful notecards, pink polka dot journals and an always impressive selection of unique headbands.  The pink headbands would make a nice standalone gift but I say break up the set and use the bands to bundle up a few of these small treasures.

  More fun with “Happy Socks,” glittery Anthro headbands and Claire’s hair clips:



For your BEST friend, a le coeurs lingerie bag from D. Porthault would be just the ticket: D.Porthault2

Frankly, any of the small gifts from D. Porthault would be “just the ticket!”  These Jete de Fleurs, Violettes and Alizee prints are especially lovely:


And while Valentine’s Day is mostly for the ladies, I must give requisite attention to the special men in our lives.  My go-to suggestions are a new piece of sporting-related gear, a Lululemon pullover, a much-loved dessert wine or anything from Vosges Haut Chocolat.  This year they have a special gift section geared toward men (beer and marshmallows anyone?).



Then there is  the “joint gift,” which is vaguely meant to be for both you and your spouse but is really just a thinly veiled opportunity to buy yourself something that you have been pining for.  Rifle Paper Co.’s beautiful custom “wedding” illustrations may just fit this description.  Even if you are not a recent, blushing bride, you can use Valentine’s Day as an occasion to have owner and artist, Anna Bond, create an illustration to commemorate your wedding day.  I also think these would be a darling way to mark a special birthday or achievement for a little girl.  It’s worth inquiring… Rifle

 And, now let’s see…I feel like I have forgotten someone.  Ah yes, that would be ME.  Although “Blue Valentine” is a downer of a movie, I find this new icy blue Chloe bag thoroughly uplifting.



Can someone please forward this to my husband?  Happy shopping everyone!  XO, Cath


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  1. These are all so cute!! What great ideas.