About Me

Catherine TompkinsMy photo albums are brimming with images of flower arrangements, tablescapes, favor ideas and letterpress gift tags.  I have several designated “party closets,” an extensive selection of holiday specific décor, and my garage is filled with colorful, carnival-style props.  The evidence is damning: I have a party problem. I am constantly dreaming up the next invitation, theme, special occasion or gift for a dear friend.  Rather than fight this passion for all things party, I decided to put my photos and snippets of celebrations and adventures in one place to share. And so “My Life in Parties” was born…

My party habit has been well documented over the years, beginning with my own self-planned “surprise” sweet sixteen (yikes!) and ratcheted up a notch in 2010 when I formed a special events and gifts company called CT Designs.  I graduated from Yale with majors in Spanish and Political Science, earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and have a decade of experience in finance and investment management.  I live in Greenwich, Connecticut with my husband and two children and I am currently planning my next party.